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A perfect combination of our best selling St. Louis food-inspired original gourmet popcorn flavors: Over The Top!, Gooey Butter Pop!, and Toasted Rav Pop!

Over the Top!, our most popular chocolate flavor, is a sure favorite. We start with our crunchy and sweet caramel corn and drench it with white and dark Bissinger’s chocolate – it’s totally addictive!

What is more iconic to St. Louis than Gooey Butter Cake? Not much! So we’ve created a true St. Louis Popcorn by taking our freshly popped gourmet popcorn and topping it with a special combination of ingredients before drenching it with powdered sugar! It’s super, super sweet and a true tribute to one of the absolute favorite St. Louis foods!

We round out this trio of St. Louis popcorn with another St. Louis food favorite: Toasted Rav Pop! The savory St. Louis popcorn is a tasty combination of tomato flavoring, spices and parmesan cheese to achieve the perfect balance and appeal to all palates!

The Best of St. Louis Popcorn tin makes the perfect gift for your friends, family, business associates… for everyone!

PLEASE NOTE:  During the warm weather months, from now through mid-September, we cannot ship our chocolate topped flavor, Over The Top!.  Instead, we will substitute Caramel Cheddar! (Chicago style), our caramel corn coated with Land O'Lakes cheddar cheese.

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