Premium Popcorn by POPtions!

POPtions! is your specialty popcorn company online and in St. Louis, MO.

We passionately pop premium popcorn kernels from nearby Midwest farms and prepare all of our flavorful creations daily to ensure freshness and quality. The inspiration for our customized specialty popcorn is the kernel itself. Just like humans and snowflakes, each and every popped kernel is totally unique. And when a popcorn kernel pops, it quite literally turns inside out. So get creative and let your inside out!

There are so many ways to flavor your day! Are you sweet and nutty or hot and nicely spicy? The POPtions! premium popcorn options are endless. POP in and enjoy gourmet every day!

Personalize Your POP!

Our exclusive personalized experience allows you to customize a premium popcorn flavor that suits your exact mood and personality! When you visit POPtions! you can PICK, MIX and TOP until you create your perfect specialty popcorn flavor combination. Pick your favorite POPtions! popcorn flavor, and mix it up with dozens of choices of sweet and savory ingredients. It can then be topped off with Bissinger's world-famous dark or white melted chocolate or creamy peanut butter. (Note: Personalize Your POP! is available in-store only.)

Premium Popcorn Tins

If there are too many options and not enough time, choose from any one of our many pre-mixed handcrafted POP du Jour! single flavor premium popcorn tins or three flavor tins. Each blend is made fresh daily by our expert Poppers.

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Visit POPtions!

POPtions! premium popcorn company is located in The Village at Schneithorst's, at the corner of Lindbergh Blvd. and Clayton Rd., in St. Louis, Missouri. We are right across the street from Plaza Frontenac. Please POP in every day and be your own gourmet!

Store Location

The Village at Schneithorst's
1580 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis Missouri 63131 United States